Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crazy changes for 2014

So busy this year! I published my first book which was released last month, I turn 30 in April, I'll be married for 12 yrs in Sept., my little girl starts preschool, my second book of the series is do to come out in July, I have to finish my CEUs to get my CMA certified, and I have to replace my roof. These are just the things I know need to be done! I can't imagine the surprises I have yet encountered that are waiting in the shadows of tomorrow. My anxiety  level has gone up sure, but I'm not wasting a moment this year. I'm going to get things done and take names.  
    First thing off my list; schedule blog tour for the new book. That will start in March!
              So look look out 2014, you will remember me when I'm done with you! :-)